1. 01. A chat with Fresh Independence.

    Andrew Maxwell Morris Talks Glastonbury 2017 and the Release of his latest single

  2. 02. NEW MUSIC!

    I am pleased to announce the release of my new Single Don’t Give up on Us, which is available from today to buy and stream.

    This song features Hattie Whitehead on vocals and Dom Clare on Drums.

    Listen and Enjoy!

    Click here:




  3. 03. ‘Let it Go’ featured on TV series Hotel Eleon

    Andrew’s track from his debut album ‘Well Tread Roads’ was featured last week in two episodes of the hit TV series Hotel Eleon. This was placed through 411 Music in Los Angeles.


    To listen to the Track, please click here :

  4. 04. GLASTONBURY 2O17

    Great news!

    Andrew and the Band are confirmed to play at Glastonbury 2o17 on the following stages:

    Wednesday 21st June

    6.oopm – Lizard Stage [green futures]

    1o.15 pm – Toad Hall [green futures]

    Thursday 22nd June

    11.oo – Avalon Cafe [field of Avalon]

    4pm – Mandala Stage [green futures]

    Friday 23rd June

    4pm Mandala Stage [green futures]


  5. 05. New Production Music – Felt

    I am very pleased to say that I have a number of production music tracks released with Felt Music, on their Album ‘Lets Get lost”.

    There are bespoke tracks written for adverts, TV and Film, using banjo, ukulele, strings. All bass and drums recorded live at Unit 2, Acton, and self produced.



  6. 06. 6.9.16 – 18 million plays of “Dust” on Youtube

    The Performing Rights Society (PRS) have confirmed that my song “Dust”, published by Cavendish and which features as a theme song for a national TV series on STS in Russia, has been played on Youtube in excess of 18 million times. The song was licensed through Warner Chappell in Russia for the 4,5 and 6th Series of the TV program ‘Kitchen” spanning from 2014-2016.

    Please contact for any inquiries about the track.

    You can listen to the track here:

  7. 07. Disney Advert Placement

    One of my songs Well Tread Roads, published by EMI Production Music has been placed in a Disney Advert for Television and online use in China.

    See below for the link (Vocals by Amanda Lundstedt)

  8. 08. Glastonbury review 2016

    Here is a review of my set from the Avalon cafe stage at Glastonbury this year from

  9. 09. GLASTONBURY 2016

    Here are the full times for my performances at Glastonbury 2016… looking forward to seeing some of you there:) Andrew

    Wednesday 22nd June – 4pm Toad Hall Stage ( Green Futures)

    Thursday 24th June – 2pm Mandala Stage (Green Futures)

    Friday 24th Jun –  1pm Mandala Stage (Green Futures)

    Saturday 25th June – 10-30am Avalon Cafe Stage (Field of Avalon)


  10. 10. New Song Placement – I’ll be Gone

    Another song placement! The Russians seem to be fans of my music – my song ‘ I’ll be gone’ was placed in the Russian TV Series “Kitchen”. This is the second time that my songs have been used in this series. Produced by the wonderful Dave Meegan (Marillion, U2, Pet Shop Boys)

    Its at the end of this episode at 22 minutes (please click below)

    This song has had over 1.8 Million views on Youtube.

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